A Little Hippie in a Modern World

And this is just me! aka Modern Hippie, (ow yes you can check out my MH-Brand soon too!)

Just a normal everyday girl with a lot of passions loves, and things to do!
I love my life, and I love where I came from, what I got out of life, what it had given me, my struggles, and my fights. I embrace all my faults, all my good habits, my characteristics and just being me.


As I love to put myself out there, but I recharge when I spend time on my own, reading, being in nature or creating things through my paintings.

I am not a city girl, even though I lived in a beautiful small city for most of my adult life,( it was more a big village) I don't mind to go and visit beautiful buildings, some shopping here and there and enjoying watching people go by on a nice terrace with a wine in my hand and some tapas in the other.
And yes, I am more of nature and small-town girl, as I love knowing who is living next to me, connecting and saying ' Hi'  to people on the streets, as I am walking in peaceful surroundings with my dogs every morning and hearing the birds waking up with there beautiful songs.

I moved with my handsome husband to Australia a few years back, as I am originally a Dutchie. We had this dream, and so we went for it! That's how we roll baby!! And of course, we miss our families and friends, but we are blessed to still be in so much contact with them, as I couldn't imagine a world without them..

We love where we live now, spending time in nature, on the beach and smelling the ocean every day and having the time to enjoy our biggest miracle, our little Yellow-Bear.


And yes, as I started with this, I am a little hippie in the modern world.

And if it wasn't for my husband I wouldn't hear any news, I wouldn't probably have a tv and ow yeah, I couldn't have made that perfect girl of us, haha..  We like to call ourselves Dharma & Greg ( as anybody who lived in the '90 knows this tv series, right?)

My aim is to go for a perfect world where animals and human beings will live side to side, where there is no cruelty and there will be no longer mega-farms and factories where animals never see the daylight or worse.
I am a big fighter for this and proud to be, as I know as a health and nutrition coach and being mostly plant-based my whole life, I know we don't need this in the modern world anymore.

And of course, that is one of the things I hate, for the rest, I also can't stand and more so hate,,... dishonesty, deforestation, bullying, animal testing (really guys?) oow,.. wait,.. let me rephrase this,.. pretty much everything child and animal abuse and cruelty related..(hahah, I would have my own nicely-created punishment for those people right here in my mind, that would be too disturbing to say out loud hahaha) I hate nipple hairs, I don't really like rainy, stormy cold days,.. as that means I can't go outsides, as that is where I charge up,.. I am defiantly not a fan of choc-mint (like Nah, don't understand it) 

What I do love are a lot, a lot of things, like a lot!!! My husband sometimes gets crazy as I come at home with another idea that I want to do, start-up, or try out.. I like to see it in the way that everything is possible!! So I love to try as much out as I can! So that's why I did some bungee-jumping, some skydiving, some bar dancing, loads of travels all over the world, tried a lot of different foods, love food, the best food in the world: Chocolate and my mums Sauerkraut with mash potatoes! Mjum! Uhm what else,.. Love scuba diving! Love everything about my two Alaskan malamutes Woodstock and Memphis, Love to dance, read, self-development,  festivals, and god how I love to socialize with friends! Love people who are honest, kind, and positive, If you are an energy sponge, you're probably not my friend.. If you are talking bad about others or talking only about yourself, yes, not a fan...
Yes honestly, kindness, giving and compassion,.. we can do a lot with those things!

And if I could, I would be probably meditating daily for hours, painting, dancing on '70 music and wearing beautiful flower dresses..while travelling the world in a bus! But yes, we still live in the modern world, but geez,... how I am trying to do these things as much as I can! haha

I am the type of girl who takes a bag with her to pick up plastic along the way, will be that crazy dancer in public, take dead animals off the road, so their bodies don't get further destroyed by traffic, use olive oil to clean my face, hate to throw away'empty' like peanut butter jars,( if my husband sees it as empty), and I still see that I can fill a cracker with it,.. yes.. thats me.. and would rather give everything away to others then have it myself.  I believe in the universe, and her powers and I am bad at yoga, but still trying it. And loving getting sweaty in the fitness while listening to metal bands.. Yup..that's also me..

Well now you know a little bit about me, now let me hear from you!!

Please follow and connect with me on social media and send me a message, I would love to get to know you too!!

Big Love,