Let me tell you a little bit 


A Modern Hippie Mumpreneur


Yup, that is me, with a holistic approach to life while being a wife, mum

but mostly loving life in my woman role,

and that is being my balanced self

Just a normal everyday mum with a lot of passions loves,

and things to do!
I love my life, and I love where I came from,

what I got out of life, what it had given me, my struggles,

and my fights. I embrace all my faults, all my good habits, my characteristics and just being me.


As I love to put myself out there, but I recharge when I spend time on my own,

reading, being in nature or creating things through my paintings.

I am not a city girl, even though I lived in a beautiful small city for most of my adult life,( it was more a big village)

I don't mind to go and visit beautiful buildings, some shopping here and there and enjoying

watching people go by on a nice terrace with a wine in my hand and some tapas in the other.

And yes, so  I am more of nature and small-town girl, as I love knowing who is living next to me,

connecting and saying ' Hi'  to people on the streets,

while I am walking in peaceful surroundings with my dogs every morning

and hearing the birds waking up with their beautiful songs.

I moved with my handsome husband to Australia a few years back, as I am originally a Dutchie. We had this dream, and so we went for it! That's how we roll baby!! And of course, we miss our families and friends, but we are blessed to still be in so much contact with them, as I couldn't imagine a world without them..

We love where we live now, spending time in nature, on the beach and smelling the ocean every day, and having the time to enjoy our biggest miracle, our beautiful daughter.



My mission is to help as many women as I can,to achieve balance in their lives to let them feel empowered again, happy in their bodies, with their lives and feel they have succeeded in all. To create more health, more love, more happiness for our women warriors, our future, their kids and to Mother Earth

Let's create BALANCE



My vision is a world filled with empowered women that feel strong and in balance, and ready to share their gifts with the world around them . 

As I believe that if we use our pure and natural given Amazonian strength we can truly achieve anything we want and what we are here to do