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Public Speaker, Holistic Health Coach, Photographer, Writer and Mum

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I had a dream,..

I had many dreams and goals in my life, and yes, I achieved them all!,..  And by now you may be already thinking like,.. "well good for you!"  " Or thinking, well great start, what does that have to do with me?"  Or maybe you're thinking god, why start with that?

Cause I know where you at, cause I have been in all stages! From working twice as hard for my goals than others around me, (or it felt that way) From not knowing what to do with my life or where I was heading. Failure after failure.. Lesson after hard lesson,.. And that in any of my goals and dreams.. From weightloss to bigger dreams like moving to another country or going into a whole new career path..

Was it easy? Hell No!... I went through a lot of pain, heartaches, problems, loss of business, and then money,.. And yes many other things along the way, but I was always determined to get were I needed to be... As I knew I would only grow stronger and it would make me the person I am today.  And that was my thing---> I was unstoppable!

I have used my own experiences, my own story to grow, and it took me sometimes so long to get where I wanted to be, I wished that I asked for more help,..as I knew that would have been so much easier and better for my body and mental health. Hahah.. Pfff al the frustrations and stress!!!,.. So when I started sharing, I came across many other women that were stuck, didn’t' know how to achieve certain things.. I was not alone in my story,.. So that led me to my purpose.... 


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Hi, I am Monica Alfing and I am a qualified Holistic Health Coach and Nutritional practitioner, by the Mindbodyfood institute in Melbourne, Public Speaker 'and writer of 2 books, and one is getting published next year!.  

 I have 4 years experience as a Health Coach and I work with step by step plans, coaching, meditation, visualization, and manifesting tools. I am passionate about my purpose and that is helping women, mothers ánd women in business with their goals dreams, big ór small, their overall health and balance. As I believe if they are in balance and in their alignment that they will create more beautiful things in their lives as in that from others, and especially in that of their kids, and that makes a ripple effect on the world and there and our future. 

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When you see somebody really going for their goals, seeing what they can do, their potential, and working on those dreams and then achieving them! Waauw that is just so cool to see, and every time that happens,.. I get so excited by it, because I know with every person that gets to feel, smell and touch and work in their true purpose and potential, that is not one life that is getting positively affected, but tens of lives if not hundreds!  

 I had the pleasure to see women shine in their ‘new’ healthy bodies, feeling reunified, to see that work their way to the top and are now CEO of their workplaces or have built their own business. Mothers that were too tired and stressed out to energetic superwomen that can take on the world. It is just so awesome to see what a woman can do if she puts in that Amazonian strength of hers! 


The health coaching profession is a beautiful profession and I don’t take it lightly, I put my everything in a client if I see the potential, the dedication, and most of all commitment.. As I am giving my 100%, I am only asking that they will do the same. And they do, and that is where the magic starts between a client and a coach. It’s true teamwork! And that I love the most! 


To have a look at my programs or what else I offer, please go to my website at www.heramazonianhealth.com or follow me on Instagram or on FB for free content, stories, lessons, and coaching tools. I would love to see and feel your energy in one of these platforms, so please reach out for any questions or interests! 

Ow and want to more about me? And who I am, then please do read my 'about me" under the page BIO

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Best Mum

of 2019 and onwards


Public Speaker


Bestseller and Author of two books


Best Mum of 2019 an onwards

I 'll just give myself some prices here, and exactly these are just a fun way to say and share with you what my dreams are, my vision, my purpose. And please do the same for yourself, give yourself a future awards, see yourself, manifest it, start working on it!

In 2019 I become a first-time mum, and this is when I gave myself, and my daughter the promise I will always work on to be the best mother I can be to her, I will always evolve, keep learning and will never do anything to harm her, or our family. She always brings a smile on my face, and I will do my best to do that for her too. So Bam her goes my award for best mum,.. Because she has only one mum, so I need to be the best she ever had!

Best Public Speaker of 2023is

ThisThis is a huge goal for me. This is something I do want to achieve, I would love to be on stage,and talk more, share more, help more! Get together with hundreds or thousands of other women, laugh, enjoy, and giving them an awesome day, talk, or moment in their life!

Bestseller and Author of two books


Omg, omg, this is so exciting, and I can wait for this day! 
This is another big goal for me, as I love to write, I love to sit down on our beautiful desk, and make time for my writing! A cup a tea next to me, and enjoy the beauty of this craft. How cool would it be if you can say you're an author!! Well by the end of 2020 I want to finish my first book. It's all about the first year of Motherhood! It's going to be funny, happy, serious, and emotional. Yes,everything will be in there that you can or will go through, Its no handbook, just a book for the mum who wants to laugh a bit in times that you need it!

And then, then I already made the first start of my second book, and yes I also have ideas for more, hahah.. It's going to be a couple of awesome years!

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