The best online program out of all that you can do!

It covers it all, as with this one, not only do we make it as personal as we can go, but you will be having more feedback, more coaching and it's like having your own cheerleader next to you.

If you have those bigger goals in mind, or want to transform your body, this is the way to go..

Choose the Best, and

you will get the Best!

12 Weeks


Choose the Best,
and you will get the Best!

I want to Transform

My Body


Fit Woman with Headphones

Ok, let's get REAL here..

This will be THE BEST COMBI you can EVER give your body and mind. As we all know without the proper nutrition, we can only train for so long. 

Her Amazonian COMBI Program is ideal for anyone who wants to transform their bodies, and have a bigger goal in mind like, weight loss, muscle mass, training for something special or competition.

The Online Program includes personalized programming for Training and Nutrition as well as an App with support and guidance for training and mindset.


Included in your online coaching with your coach and personal trainer, Monica, are weekly check-ins, monthly calls if necessary and technique and form review/analysis.

This is the best way to receive the guidance and support of a coach and ensure you have everything you need to achieve your BIGGER goals!


Let's Work Together

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