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Empowered Women,
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A book made for women by women. A book that will show the rawness, the realness, the fighting spirit in women and their beautiful nature.. These are real-life women telling about their hardship, their struggles and how to overcame it to be now on the top of their game. To have fulfilled their dreams and achieved their goals. 

I can honestly say how truly thankful I am to be a co-author writer for this book. In the chapter I have written I will take you to my darkest days, and show you my biggest achievements. A life story, about a young girl going thru darkness, resilience, and hard lessons, that she turned into inspiration to never stop going for your dreams.

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A PRESENT for you as a Thank You for contributing to the empowerment of women
Pre-order the book by the end of 2021, and you receive:

- 1x 1:1 Life-coaching Session of 60 mins with Monica
- A full package of Affirmations to Download
- The  Poster of the Poem 'The Amazone'



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Co- Author Book

Together with 13 other amazing Authors, we are creating this beautiful book full of life stories that will take you into the lives of strong, resilient women.. after reading it, I promise you it will leave you with inspiration and motivation, and I can't wait to share it with you!

Reading Books

Teaser of my Chapter -Her Amazonian Strength

A woman, 34, sitting next to her little girls' room door, on the floor, broken down and in tears, she knows this is not her last night she will be out of bed for the 37th time, crying and in her arms a crying baby girl she has wanted for years..! Years of pain she needed to go through, too many miscarriage's, , lost of trust in her body, fairness. Now feeling guilty she is not feeling the happiness and feeling guilty about missing her ‘old’ life?

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 About Empowered Publishing

Our team includes expert publishers, designers and passionate readers dedicated to discovering and empowering talented leaders who want to step up and share their story and empower others regardless of if they are writers or non-writers.

Our obligation is to empower women (individuals) through our platforms, inspiring them to empower others; as we know, Empowered People Empower!

Interview Time!

A fun and informal (as we prefer that) ;-) by the Amazing Louise O'Reilly about the book, our journey together and a bit more!!

The First Year of 

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"Raw, Pure and Honest"
This book is written with pain, tears and joy of the first year of Motherhood. Written for new mums, that need honesty, realness and especially that want to know they are not alone in this journey. Written for professional mums that want some laughter that will experience two things; happy that those days are behind them, but with some tears in their eyes as it will also bring them back to those precious times when their babies needed them the most...


The First Year

Let me take you to into my personal life, the journey of Motherhood and transition into the #mumlife.

I am going to be really real here, it was an absolute rollercoaster and by far the biggest challenged I ever went through!

The first year of motherhood as I like to describe it, is EVERYTHING!

It is filled with emotions, joy, beauty, tears, pain and frustration, and so any mum out there: Well Fucking Done, cause I applaud you!



The last few weeks its been full-on.. say .. fucking full on! Moving with a newborn.. omg..  I really not recommended it.. really, just don't do it at all! Two weeks of crying on both sides..

Although she was doing well during the day as usual, and sleeping well..  Is it different at night.. every hour she wakes up.. I've been so emotional.. and here I am again ready with my breasts to feed.. I'm covered in baby spit, shit, and gosh there's a lot of washing to do..! she slept..


Looking for Mums!


It's really almost happening now, the first calls, the first words are put on paper.. First in Dutch at the beginning of 2022, (English translation at the end of 2022) 

 I'm looking for mamas!! Moms who want to share their stories of the first year of motherhood, RAW, REAL, CRAZY and GREAT.. In short EVERYTHING! Do you want to participate? Send me an email with your name, small intro and you will receive an email back!