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Welcome to the Sisterhood!

This is the introduction page of our sisterhood!

If after this you want to join the sisterhood, then please click the link below

So what does a sisterhood means and why is maybe something your interested in.

A Sisterhood is where women come together, and share, where they feel safe and listened too, where we see each other strengths and also our weaknesses, we everybody is equal and no one is left out. Were you feel beautiful as a woman and respected. Where you can laugh, dance, go crazy, and cry. Where you feel loved and where you can show your love, your creativity, and your whole being.

A sisterhood is more then a couple of women come together, it is where friendships get created and where kindness rules, it's where you feel good, great, and always get a wave of positivity out of. Where you get your motivation and inspiration from. It is a family, these are women, these are your amazonian sisters.

Her Amazones. The circle that is meant for you, where you can feel your powers, your strengths and where you can fill your cup with excitement, joy, and happiness!

So how does that work?

The Sisterhood is a commitment to yourself, not to us, but to yourself, something that will benefit you and while it it is benefitting you, you will create that ripple effect on all of us, and so there are constant waves in the circle as you can imagine, and it's awesome!

As we all are sharing away with idea's, great topics, and heaps of knowledge.

There are monthly video calls, interviews, constant interaction in the group, and of course, we are having our own Facebook group where you can join us,.

And that ladies is what I created here, what we created here. Together,.. It's started with this page, and it is now going beyond that. 

And we want to fill this sisterhood even more, as there is so much room in this circle of amazing women,  fill it with more amazing beauties like yourself. As I know you have something in you that you want to share, something to give, a kindness, a love, and that you also are looking for something positive, something that you want to do because it is in your alignment, it suits your thing. It's suits the Amazonian Women in you, that strong woman that wants to collaborate with others, share her knowledge and leverage from others. 

I know there is something in you that is just to cool to not be seen, even if you don't know it yet yourself!.. As we will!

Cause you are enough, wherever you are, wherever you have been, you are enough and you are exactly where you need to be.

The Circle works only with commitment and that's why we are having a yearly membership in place. 

This is because we want to have the ladies that are committed to change, that are ready to work on themselves, that have goals and dreams and want to become a better or healthier person. They are willing to put the ideas, tips, and also some coaching in place, as they want to see a change in their lives. Committed to there bodies, their health, mind, and souls.

They know this is where they get their motivation from when they feel low. They get their laughter from the girls and the getting together that they meet in here. 

This is where they have the feeling that outside there every day to day lives, the social lives and friends or family there is another group where they can hang out. Where they share their business talks or where they come to get away from stress. It is everything!

But as I said, this is not for everyone. And that is ok too.

It's ok if you not ready for the commitment to yourself, change, or to achieve your dreams and goals... "But let this feeling only be a moment of your life, as life is to short to be not committed to yourself and your awesome life!" "As this is the time. And as we all know, Time is free, It's your choice what to do with it!" - Monica Alfing

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- The Sisterhood will be launching at the end of December. If you are interested and want to be working side by side with me to set up this beautiful gathering of females, please contact me through an email with the Subject: Sisterhood -