• Monica Alfing

Challenge Accepted

Thanks to @little_artist4kids for nominating me in #challengeaccepted, a beautiful response from women all around the world to connect, stand up for each other and bow to respect one and another.

As I have a daughter, I want to protect, fight, and respect all other daughters out there.


♠️Not only that but we are WOMEN, and that means that we are still fighting for our rights, for equal pay, for equal treatment in work, abuse, and society, on the streets and for many women in house most women still do so much more as for taking care of kids or housework... Need to stay at home, work partime, cause that whats expected of us. And what about #metoo? 90% of women come in contact with assault like this one way or another,.. HOW IS THAT RIGHT?

IT IS 2020!

♣️And here by I want to also adress, and this is far more important then anything,.. and that is that there are still women fighting everyday for bigger things then then having to do the dishes or working in a bad workplace.... as these are nothing in comparison that stil every day women all around the world get raped, get beaten, get murdered... when will it stop? Childmarriages, getting used by society, being abused,..


♠️So today I am stripping off my clothes and show myself, as I CAN,.. as I am FREE as a women.. And that means I can speak for these women,.. as they don't have a voice! So I hope that this #challenge will get so much more notice and show all the beautiful ladies and women of the world as they are the voice for all the others.. So show yourself, be heared, as all women are beautiful and all women matter!



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