There are FIVE main programs I am offering.
Have a look what program will suit you needs, your purpose or you goal.
With that saying,.. all the programs have the same basic and the same foundation that we will be working on first before we will and start hitting those goals of you and that first basic is YOU. As if the foundation is not right a house will fall apart right?

So in a FREE Introduction Call we will go through your goals, your dreams and where you want to go, then I will ask you about your health, you nutrition and your selfcare and needs. What you do, work, home and family situation. After this call I will have a better understanding where you are coming from, where you at and from where we can start working. 
Every program start with those basics, we will be working on getting your foundation stronger, you health and nutrition, this is the most important thing,..because without our health we are nowhere! So it doenst matter if you are already there or that it needs some TLC, we will start where you are at! And while we are working on that, we will be start making the first steps on to your new life or purpose! And then ofcourse we will finish with the biggest give that you can give yourself and that I can give to you and that is furfilling those beautiful dreams of yours!! 

Finding Your Amazone

This program starts from the inside, your strenghts, your self-belief, you calmness, you uncertaintisies and your selflove

We will be working with your health from the inside, your heart and mind-body connection.

We will be working a lot with meditation, visualisation and manifestation. Letting your body flow thru excersises like stretching, dance, yoga of pilates.


This program is for women that want to work on the soul, their spirit and their purpose

Woman Outdoors


The program for women who want to get rid of sugar, bad carbs, want to lose weight, better health and understanding of food and what it does to their body, of all the above!

If you want to know more about nutrition, what is suitable for you?, what will work?, and really go deeper into what you feel, when you eat something?, what is good for your body type, or what do you want to achieve? All those questions and more!

This is for women who are sick of dieting but still want to have results, and want to use knowledge to better themselves, their body, and their health!

Pink Sugar

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Boss Babe

Are you an entrepreneur? Or sick of working for a boss, and want to be your own? Wherever you are in your journey to the top,.. this could be just that extra bit of push that you need, to get there. That could be anywhere from starting up, sticking to your plan, or writing a whole new business plan. 

This is a program that will cover all your needs, from start-up to going more into financial coaching. Social Media, Marketing, using your story to get more clientele, we will cover it all!

Become the Boss Lady that you always dreamed about!

Professional Young Woman

Dedicated to You

Just you, yourself and your I,.. this is a personalized plan for any area of your life that you would like to work on more. This is my most personalized plan that of all

And even though all my programs are personalized around somebodies own needs this one goes even further.

This program is for the ladies that need an extra cheerleader, an extra motivation, some inspiration. And I am going to show you how you get all this out of your own doing, so you can take this knowledge with you for a lifetime. As we are going to find your own cheerleader inside yourself! 

So you can achieve anything in life that you set your mind to!

Woman by the Sea

The Wish

For the women, the couples who have a big wish of becoming a parent, having trouble with fertility, becoming pregnant, or staying pregnant or anything related in this area. 


As I know how hard it can be, waiting for months if not years, going through pain, stress, and hardship. So by here, I want to help couples and women through their IFV journey or to become as healthy and in-balance as they can be without any extra stress and relax their bodies through meditation and certain exercises as much as they can to be and get ready for their little miracle. 

 As there wish will be my wish for them, as there is nothing more beautiful in the world.

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Now you've seen it all,.. What now?

Now you have seen and met me, You know a little bit about what I do, how I work, and what my programs are.

What now?
Now it is time for you to make the choice, Is this your time or will you wait for another year? And maybe another one after that? It's your time to make your own choice if you need a coach, or if you will try it yourself once again and do the same things, and make the same mistakes maybe,..

It's is your time to choose,.. Do you want to do things differently? Do you want to make a change? Do you want to see change? Are you ready for those dreams to come true, those goals to get ticked of your bucket list?

To really start living by your purpose? By your needs?

If it's a NO, that ok too,.. you're not ready yet, not everybody is, and that's ok. Change is not for everyone.

If that is a YES? Then don't hesitate any more and send me an email with who you are and your goals and I will get back to you within the next  24 Hours!

Want to have more info or want to know more about prices, then click that same button!

And we will be talking to each other really soon!

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