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To this day all that I have learnt with Mon, I still apply on a daily basis,

and the truth is that things just keep getting better!

My weight is still going down,

my business is growing and every day gives me a dose of happiness.


Loreline Lamont

Boss Lady, and mum of two boys

"Hey there, you Hot Mumma!!"


As I hear Elvis on the background,... ready to Rock n' Roll?

As you have decided that you want to do this on your own, but,.. with a fun and pretty cool cheerleader

on the background,.. (well that must be me hahah )

And so that leads you to this page!!

Good choice I would say,!! 

Now you have the time management in your hand and to be your own leader in your own chosen way.

Congratulations for taking the lead and knowing what you want.

So, if you have your goals clear, let's get you moving!!

There is only one program that I offer online without the guidance and the coaching in person. That's for #fitmums that want to move and need some extra support and ideas.

For all the rest of you, that want to lose weight, gain weight or muscle mass, have a marathon to run or a competition goal.. you need to have a cheerleader by your side, trust me.. I have them!!

It will get your beautiful ass so much faster to your goal and your body and mind will thank you later for it!

So when you ready with reading this, click on the programs and see what aligns with your goals!



PT, Coach and Cheerleader

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In need for more Cheerleading?

Check out my 1:1 Coaching page for the big major transformations, or if you need more info or cheers, please send me a email, and don't forget to be your true self and share some awesomeness

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