Every female body is different,and like that your mind and mindbody is unique, and so whatever your goals are, I will go above and beyond to make your program the best fit for your goals and your body.

Whatever that means for you.

From training in Beast Mode all the time,  competing or in need of a beautiful summer body?




Your Goal = Your Program



I want to start training asap!!

Your Goal = Your Program

12 Weeks

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Get VIP Training from anywhere In the world! 

Her Amazonian Training's Program is ideal for anyone who is ready to step things up with their training but can’t access my 1:1 coaching services.

The Online Program includes personalized programming for training as well as an App with support and guidance for training and mindset.


Included in your online coaching with your coach and personal trainer, Monica, are weekly check-ins, monthly calls if necessary and technique and form review/analysis.

This is the best way to receive the guidance and support of a coach and ensure you have everything you need to achieve your training goals!


Let's Work Together

Do you have awesome training plans to share with others, then let's work together and make this world a healthier and stronger place!